Over Yonder - The Intro

Hi Y'all! A little story about Over Yonder Outpost. Over Yonder started as most stores the farmers market. Sometimes when the world gives you a pandemic, a small town will come together and inspire community. The Rutledge Farmers Market came along when our town needed to come together(outside). There was so much fear and unknown. We (Jen and Sarah) had re-connected, we went to high school together, over our love of farmers markets and camping with our families. We were bouncing around the idea of a store and once it was out in the universe it was on. Molly and Ed (Caboose), had a space and just like that we were on our way.

With a lot of support from our 'Outpost Family' and the Rutledge community, a ton of laughs, a few moments of self-doubt, a couple of tears, happy dances, floor plops and yonder ponders...Over Yonder had begun! Oh and Christmas trees...yes, Christmas trees. If ya know, ya know ;) WE LOVE CHRISTMAS TREES, mainly Jen, lets be honest. Sarah was a little like, what?! Once the idea of naming them and making it our own thing did it take off! We have had so much fun with this event and these trees…and wreaths. Yuletide Farm really came through for us on the trees. We asked everyone local for help and that sweet farm took us under their wing.

Ele & Honey Co. put their amazing soaps and candles in the store, Molly had her rugs, Keep Strutin’ turkey calls, Tammie’s Jammies, Jessica White’s crocheted hats and mittens, Gary Klinker’s boards, walking sticks and brooms and others that trusted us with their amazing goods.

We adore and are unbelievably grateful for all of you that support our little shop. When you wear an Over Yonder hat or shirt, put a sticker on your water bottle or laptop or tag us in #overyondergeorgia or tell friends to come visit...the support is felt.

Love y'all

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