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Rutledge, GA

Over Yonder in Rutledge, GA

Hey Hey y'all! Here is a little snippet into Rutledge, GA. 


The word is the land where Rutledge sits started out as a plantation.  And around here ya get alot of, "well, I heard' or "the story goes..."  So it gets a little spotty.  


We do know that Hard Labor Creek State Park was built in 1934 by the Civilian Conservation Corps, a New Deal program sponsored by President Roosevelt. One of 10 parks built by the group.  It was administered as a division of the U.S. Army to reclaim unusable farm land, create recreational areas, and teach young men a skill or trade.  Lake Rutledge were cleared and dams were built during this time as additional public works projects to help the support the weak economy.  We will do a whole post on Hard Labor Creek. 


Rutledge had its start in the 1840s when the railroad was extended to that point.  Rutledge was founded in 1871, amidst cotton fields and farms. First a family plantation, then a bustling railroad center, Rutledge was ravaged by Sherman's troops in 1864. As the residents rebuilt their city and homes, a centralized commercial district emerged.   There is a common love in this community for it rural character. 

A little something about the stopping barrel. Rutledge has one or two

of the stopping barrels in the United States and is only moved once a year

of the annual Memorial Day parade.  We have had a couple of people come in

and say their grandfather came up with the barrel.  We think both families

to be correct, they could have been friend, that's what we think.  There is even

a little chant that goes with its removal.  Locals enjoy watching out-of-townees make

decisions on how to get around the barrel!  It's small town entertainment.

Since the barrel is the main intersection in town, it is viewed

from the park and the Caboose, the two best viewing locations. 

Many visiting brave the 'traffic' for a selfie with this iconic landmark. 


The Memorial Day or also known as The Country Fair is

the big festival in Rutledge; the park is filledwith vendors

and the streets are lined with people and flags for the best

parade in Morgan County. Rutledge's train depot is now the

Community Depot which offers classes and events. The

Downtown Park offers Music in the Park on Friday

summer nights. 

Rutledge is know for a few of it's local businesses, such as Rutledge Hardware, The Caboose & Yesterday's Cafe.  Rutledge Hardware is known for being the blast to the past, a relic of the old hardware store. The Caboose for their blondie brownie and delicious sandwiches. Yesterday's for their famous buttermilk pies and fantastic lunch specials.  While newer business are making a name for themselves such as J&K Antiques, Over Yonder Outpost, Harvest & Honey, Red Wagon Antiques and Soulshine Mercantile.  

Rutledge is "Small but Special" for sure and has a piece of our heart.

Y'all go Over Yonder to Rutledge, GA


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