Over Yonder Outpost is as unique as Rutledge is and we are proud of our small town!  Everyone one has a story and Over Yonder's story is just beginning...

Over Yonder Outpost was founded by Jen Buzbee and Sarah Ghann.  Both avid family campers & both have a love passion for supporting local farmers and artisans and also dapple in gardening themselves.   When Molly (The Caboose) got wind of the ladies wanting to open up a shop, she graciously opened up her old studio and Over Yonder had a home.  Over Yonder Outpost was up and running in 3 weeks & is continuously evolving and changing. 

Our mission is to provide people with products and services that will get them outside and connected with one another.  Over Yonder will always promote, support and encourage local farmers and artisans. We are excited to help Rutledge continue to grow.